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beautiful story

III (World Cup)

title: tricycle and Ferrari (baby)
Xiumin (Minseok)/Luhan
fluff, crack (?) PG 15
words count: 818
bathroom to Junmyeon’s house and vrooooooooooooom

It is a party, Luhan remembers.

He could still remember Baekhyun dancing on the couch with Chanyeol’s shirt in his hand as he swings it and shakes his bottom. Jongin shouting ‘ole, ole, ole’ while Chanyeol helps him with tying the Brazil’s flag around his neck. Kris and Tao singing to the FIFA World Cup song, moving around with eyes close and weird body pumping moves.

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Don’t make people into heroes John. Heroes don’t exist, and if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them. 

“Xiuhan is too good for dem fanfictions”
— I would rarely (mostly don’t) read xiuhan fanfictions because
reality is there and I don’t need to tremble from handwritten stories
when they ship themselves so hard
#xiuhan   #xiumin   #luhan   #otp   #what i feel  

title: don’t refuse me
PG 15
words count: 739 words
Summary: Baek moos in the morning in front of their door and Jongin has had enough.

Jongin passed out as soon as he stepped out from his professor’s office, breathing in relief and he collapsed, mind hazy with his sight blurring and darkening into pitch black. He has regretted ever taking 24 credits for two semesters, he has regretted making a bet with Baekhyun because he is dying while the older male could still joke around in the cafeteria about how Jongin would kiss Chanyeol at the door and he would wiggle his frame, hugging himself and moaning out Chanyeol’s name, again and again, mocking Jongin to the deepest.

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#chanyeol   #kai   #jongin   #chankai   #kaiyeol   #baekhyun   #drabble  

title: tying hair
fluff, pg-13
words count: 394
summary: Jongin could do with a little bit of practice with tying hair and once again, he has forced Chanyeol to be his model for the day 

Jongin brushes Chanyeol’s hair lightly, combing through every strands with his fingers before he pulls a small comb out. The older male closes his eyes, humming softly as he waits for the younger to tie a fistful of his hair.

"Why are we doing this again?" He questions Jongin after numerous of failures, tilting his head upwards with the back of his head rests on Jongin’s lap. The other rolls his eyes, wiggling the hair ties on his forearm. "A practice for me since I’m put in charge to take care of my sister in the morning."

Jongin pushes the older male’s head back to the previous position, grabbing a fistful of Chanyeol’s hair before he pulls a hair tie from his forearm, tying Chanyeol’s hair before he pats the other’s shoulder.

"Turn around, I want to see." Jongin mumbles softly with the older moving around on the carpet, smiling at Jongin who is sitting on the couch with expectation that he is going to be complimented. "You look dumb." The tanned male blurts out, chuckles slipping out from his lips once the other’s smile flatten.

Chanyeol pulls on the hair tie before running his fingers through his hair, fixing it a bit. He does not like being call dumb when he thinks that he is quite cute because if he is not then, Jongin would not even be his boyfriend in the first place. With the hairstyle and he is positive that Jongin would compliment him for looking cute because that is what a boyfriend should do.

Compliment his partner and not calling him dumb.

"Wait, wait. Sit down on the floor." Jongin pulls on the older male’s wrist, pushing the older male down back on the floor. Jongin nibbles on his lower lip, chewing the inside of his mouth. Chanyeol seems unfazed by the action, still pouting and taking it in his bad side.

"I’ll tie your hair again." Jongin mumbles softly, combing through Chanyeol’s hair again before grabbing a fistful of the other’s hair and tying it again with a hair tie but this time, Chanyeol does not turn back, arms crossed on his chest when Jongin asks him to turn around.

Jongin leans closer, a smile forms on his lips before he presses his lips on the back of Chanyeol’s head with his eyes close. “You look cute, my dummy.”   

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